Update: White House On Lock Down After Suspicious Vehicle Breaches Barricades

Courtesy: Alex Proimos

Courtesy: Alex Proimos

The White House is on lock down after a car followed in the Obama daughter’s motorcade as they arrived at the White House Tuesday afternoon.  The event occurred at the Pennsylvania Avenue gate on 17th street.

The Secret Service locked down White House immediately as they arrested the man and searched the car for explosives.  During the lock down, nobody was allowed to either enter or exit the White House premises.  This is standard operating procedure for the White House, where the smallest security breach can lead to a lock down for the safety of the president.  The driver has been identified as Mathew Evan Goldstein, 55, who is an employee at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  The Secret Service transferred him over to city police after the arrest and was charged with unlawful entry.

Video shows that the car was about 50 yards away from the gate at Pennsylvania Avenue, but that it never made it past the main gate of the White House.


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