Speaker John Boehner Sails To Primary Reelection Victory

John Boehner

House Speaker John Boehner sailed to an easy victory over two Tea Party challengers, moving him one step closer to a 13th term in Congress.

In Ohio’s 8th Congressional District, Boehner deafeated J.D. Winteregg, a school teacher, and businessman Eric Gurr in Tuesday’s Republican primary.  The Tea Party Leadership Fund spent $320,000 in support of Winteregg in order to give Tea Party Republicans a candidate more in line with their values.  There has been increased anger against Boehner on issues such as immigration, after last week when he was seen to have criticized those who oppose his immigration plan.  Boehner, at the end of April, had $3.3 million cash on hand, so it is unlikely that he ever took the recent surge in money spent by Winteregg as a threat.

With 15.2% precincts reporting, Boehner led with 69.6% of the vote.  Winteregg had 21.4% of the vote, and Gurr had 5.4%.  Matt Ashworth, who dropped out of the race prior to voting but was still on the ballot, has garnered 3.6% of the vote.

Speaker Boehner will square off against the winner of the Democrat primary.  The two candidates are Tom Poetter, a professor, and restaurant supervisor Matthew Guyette.


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